"I took the road less traveled by
and that has made all the difference"

Robert Frost

From the imagination of Aaron Cracium

I like to share what I create.

This website is for self promotion of all my projects and materials. This consists of books, my portfolio, current animation productions, art and design, and more. You can find all my Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Behance portfolio attached to this website. The following sections are for promotional materials that I am creating for my own personal projects. This site is dedicated to that cause. I like to share what I create.

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

1 Corinthians 5:17

FEATURES - Portfolio and Productions

Behance Portfolio

Behance Portfolio

This is my working portfolio. The work here is from various projects, some were fun, some were just meaningless brain fodder, and some are ones that meant something special to me when I made them. Most of the projects that are in this Behance portfolio are tied to my job as a web designer. However I occasionally branch out to do small side projects. You can find all my various collection of portfolio work that consists of web design, drawing, video, compositing, motion graphics, animation, graphic design and more in this portfolio. This website is for my professional work, and is not to be confused with this site which is for my special and personal projects. The main difference being business versus pleasure.

Productions in Progress

Christian Cartoons and Christian Animations being produced to edify your soul.

Production development of the upcoming productions. This section gives up to date info on the artistic production process. Including samples of storyboards, stills from the animations, concept artwork and more. You'll get an inside look at the production elements and parts of the process before production has even begun. It's an exciting process to watch and understand. It's just as exciting to share the progress as it is to make it. Click more to learn more about the upcoming productions that are in progress.

The Making of David's Song the 3d Production Process

YouTube David's Song

The Christian episode is based on the Psalms 23. This video was designed biblically for children through 3d animation to teach children important aspects of the Bible. This section covers the production process of making this video, including the youtube video for you to watch. If you want to see the steps of a production including background media, questions and answers and the step by step process of making a 3d animation, then this is the place for you.

Deviant Art Various Artwork

A digital painting in photoshop of Jesus Christ Crucifixion for a Book Cover for Amazon Books - The Gospel of Jesus Christ,  King James Version, A Harmony of the Gospels with the fulfillment of Old Testament

This is just a small sample of randomly created digital images.

You can find some of my photoshop artwork here that is not in my business Behance portfolio. This is the profile for some casual artwork that is not part of the day to day work flow.